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Dwyane Wade: Heat are going to be better next season

Dwyane Wade- Heat are going to be better next seasonAt the beginning of free agency Wade and the Heat were at an impasse. Wade saying, where’s the love, the Heat saying, what have you done for me lately. Dwyane Wade did sacrifice for the betterment of the team. Those are old school values that you don’t usually see today. The Heat now would have to show back the gratitude.

Wade had a market but also wanted to stay a Heat forever. Once he found out his chances of leaving where minimal he accepted a one year $20 million dollar deal Thursday per pay per head sportsbook. The kicker might have been the conversations he had with both Nick and Micky Arison.

“Sitting down with Nick, sitting down with Micky and having conversations with them that I’ve never had, that was big for me,” Wade told The Associated Press. “I’ve never had a business conversation with one of them. … They got to show me how much they really wanted me to be here, how important it was for them that I continue to wear one jersey.”

Without those conversations, Wade said, “I don’t think we would be at this point.” Wade also factored in the fans and how much they wanted him back in Miami. “I can’t tell you how much I appreciated what they all said,” Wade said.

Besides the fans Wade still wanted to know what the Heat organization felt about him after he had given them his blood sweat and tears. “Money-wise, I thought I did the best I could for myself and my family, and I also had the Heat in mind,” Wade said. “Obviously it’s all about putting yourself in position to be able to compete. I love this organization. It crossed my mind to say, ‘If I’m going to handicap this organization by this contract, maybe the best situation is not to be there. ”

“A one-year deal for $20 million, I could never look at that and roll my eyes,” Wade added. “I am from Robbins, Illinois. Look at what I’ve been through in my life.”
He could have opted in and made 16.1 million but he opted out with the hopes of a more lucrative contract per PPH Bookie Service.

“You go through so many emotions,” Wade said. “It’s no secret that my goal was to sign a longer-term deal this summer. That’s what I was focused on. Once I realized that probably wasn’t the best thing for me right now, where everything is financially with the NBA and a lot of things coming up that we don’t even know about yet, a one-year deal isn’t a bad thing.”

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