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DC Bowles scheduled to have second meetings with the Jets and Falcons

Cardinals DC Todd Bowles could become a head coach in the NFLCardinals DC Todd Bowles could become a head coach in the NFL, and recent developments show that this possibility is becoming very real. Now NFL fans around the country can’t wait to see where he’ll end up, and live betting services believe that the team who acquires his services could be in for a great 2015 season.

Sources reported that Bowls is set to be to be interviewed by the Jets and Falcons for a second time, and there hasn’t been another team in the league asking for another meeting.

Sources also reported that on Wednesday, the Jets will also have an interview with Panthers DC Sean McDermott, and the Falcons will again interview Lions DC Teryl Austin.

Seahawks DC Dan Quinn also finds himself at the top of the list of both teams, but a job can’t be offered to him until the end of the season for the Seahawks. It was reported that on Saturday night, the Jets were getting ready to go to Seattle if the Panthers beat the Seahawks in an effort to get the services of Quinn as the new coach of the team.

Last week, Bowles traveled across the country, holding interviews on Wednesday with the Jets, on Thursday with the Bears, on Friday with the 49ers, and on Saturday with the Falcons.

A source reported that the meeting that he held with the Bears t “went well,” and it was led by new GM Ryan Pace.

And sources reported that Bowles had a five hour interview with the Falcons, and that he’s seen as one of the team’s main candidates.

Bowles played for eight seasons as a DB for the Redskins as well as the 49ers, and as an offensive coordinator he had plenty of success. His last two seasons working in that position were spent with the Eagles and then the Cardinals.

His defense had a ranking of sixth place in the league last season in allowed yards per game, and against the run it got first place. It allowed the fewest yards in the history of the team for a season with 16 games. Arizona had 24th place in allowed yards per game and had 13th place in allowed rushing yards this season, but live betting services saw that as a team in the playoffs, they were still able to make a great impact in the game. At 18.7 points per game, his team had the scoring defense which was ranked at fifth place and at 43.9%, their red-zone percentage stood at third place.

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