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Cuban wants the NBA to get rid of fan voting for the All-Star Game

Mark Cuban, Mavericks ownerMark Cuban, Mavericks owner, said that for the All-Star Game, he would like to see the NBA get rid of fan voting, as he said that the indifferent response given proved to be “embarrassing” and shows a broken system. Pay per head services can also see that there’s a lack of interest in voting, and believe that he might have a point.

Online fan voting said who the 10 starters would be, and on Thursday they were announced. On the 29th of January, there will be an announcement of the 14 reserve players, who in each conference were chosen by a vote given by the coaches.

This season Stephen Curry, guard for the Warriors, got most of them – 1,513,324 votes – a total that the owner said shows that the fans are not very excited at all about voting for the All-Star Game.

“In context of everything, that’s no votes,” said Cuban. “That’s such a small number considering all the different options you have to vote that it’s almost embarrassing. It’s just no one’s really looked at it that way. … I mean, think about it. Of all the people who go to games, all the people who watch games globally, to have [1.5] million means that system’s broken. Absolutely, positively broken.”

Cuban, who also believes that for each conference, rosters for the All-Star game should be extended for a couple of places, suggested that each season, GM’s and/or coaches should vote for the starting players as well as those who would feature as reserves.

The owner’s problem isn’t all about fan voting results, even though he did ask in an ironic manner if this year Tracy McGrady or Yao Ming were All-Star starting players, referring to the former Rockets stars getting boosts because of how popular they were in China. He’s more worried about fans not being very interested in voting.

“They go hand in hand,” said Cuban. “We have that few votes, you’re going to get one team or one player or one part of the world that skews everything. Again, if we were getting 20, 30, 50 million votes, which shows that fans just love it and wanted to participate, that’d be one thing. Then the fans have spoken.

“But when the number of voters isn’t enough to even get anybody to notice … That means basically .01 percent of NBA fans cared enough to vote, and that’s saying every fan voted just once. Probably, if you include global, that means .00001 percent of fans thought enough to vote. That just shows nobody cares.”

This season, pay per head services saw that there were just five players who got over a million votes: Kobe Bryant, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, James Harden (who wasn’t able to make it for the West team as a starting guard), and Curry.

“S—, nobody even tried to hack it,” said Cuban. “That’s how bored they are. So, yeah, I think it’s time to do away with it because we’re just not getting the response that matters. I don’t know how votes have trended in terms of numbers versus past years, but it’s obviously not something that fans really care about, given the numbers of votes. And if they don’t care about it, we shouldn’t do it. We should find a better way.”

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