Clowney questionable for the Texans’ game against the Eagles

Jadeveon Clowney - InjuryThere’s the possibility that the Texans will again be without the services of outside LB Jadeveon Clowney. His knee won’t be what will keep him out of the game against the Eagles on Sunday, but the player’s Live betting fans learned that what is getting in the way this time around is something else.

Houston’s fans were very concerned when they found out that on Friday, coach Bill O’Brien said that the player, who is currently out with an illness, was “not looking good” to take on Philadelphia on Sunday’s game. O’Brien also said that on Sunday, the Texans would look at Clowney’s condition, but he didn’t seem to be ready for action on Friday.

The Texans’ injury report put Clowney as questionable for the game.

Clowney, who last spring was the draft’s No. 1 overall pick, was able to hit the field last weekend when the Texans took on the Titans after a torn meniscus that he suffered kept him from playing in six meetings. Clowney suffered the injury during the first half on Houston’s season opening game, and on September 8 he received knee surgery.

This ended up being the second surgery that Clowney received since he signed with Houston. Live betting services fans remember when in June, the player had a sports hernia that was repaired, and during the preseason the player missed time on the field due to a concussion that he suffered in August – an injury that was very concerning.

When he was asked, O’Brien said that he wasn’t frustrated about Clowney’s status being again questionable, but many fans certainly are.

“It’s the National Football League,” said the coach. “Injuries occur. Next guy steps up and plays. It doesn’t frustrate me one bit.
That’s part of the job of the NFL. You have a 53-man roster and you try to build depth at every position. Something happens like that, next guy steps up.”

“As it relates to Jadeveon,” said the coach, “we’ll check tomorrow and see how he is and it’ll be a game-time decision just like it was last Sunday.”

The Texans’ fans know that news of this is a hard pill to swallow, and many are wondering what exactly the player is suffering from right now. Whatever illness he may have, many fans hope that he recovers as swiftly as possible, as they know very well how important he is to the team.