Cincinnati Bengals could miss the postseason

Cincinnati BengalsLocal bookies believe that the Cincinnati Bengals are a team who can compare themselves to the Baltimore Ravens, and pay per head agents can see the similarities between them. In fact, there are local bookies who think that they might be even better. However, there is a difference: The Ravens happen to have more consistency when it comes to offense, something that pay per head agents know is no secret.

Local bookies can see that the team have one of NFL’s top players in AJ Green, but many pay per head agents believe that Andy Dalton is the one who is holding back this team from having one of the league’s most dangerous offenses. The team’s defense will be led at the front by Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins. There are many pay per head agents out there who think that Reggie Nelson will do a very good job for the team as a safety, as he is very well known with many local bookies for being very talented at what he does.

Cincinnati could end up missing the postseason, but many local bookies believe that the team will take the AFC’s fifth seed (barely), and that might be done by means of a tiebreaker. Pay per head agents also see this as being a very likely scenario for the Bengals, but many fans obviously disagree.

However, price per head services know that the Bengals have plenty of talent, and many of them believe that they could surprise many fans this season. It is still not known how they will perform, but they can’t wait to find out.

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One thing that local bookies definitely want to see happen again on the football field is a play like Jerome Simpson’s famous flip touchdown. Many pay per head agents would be very satisfied if they see performances like this made by the Bengals, but they also want to see them make it far this season, and they wonder how far they’ll make it.