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Chris Bosh released from South Florida hospital and is out for the season

Chris Bosh is out for the season - released from South Florida hospitalThe Heat’s Chris Bosh was released from a hospital in South Florida after being treated there for a week due to blood clots found in his lungs, and pay per head sportsbooks saw what a big scare both the Heat, the forward, and the team’s fans got when they learned about his condition.

The player was in the hospital for a little more than a week and will still be checked very closely, but his release is seen as being a very big step forward as he’s on his way to recovery, something that NBA fans would like to see happen as soon as possible.

“That was his first goal,” said Erik Spoelstra, Heat coach. “He’s been very anxious to get out of there. It was driving him nuts.”

Spoelstra said that the player was released on Friday, something that came as a very big relief to many fans, and they hope that he makes it back to the court as quickly as possible, but know that his health comes first.

Both team and player were given a huge scare after they learned about what he had, and it was even more troubling since Bosh got his diagnosis only days after Jerome Kersey – ex-NBA star – passed away due to a blood clot that moved from a leg to a lung. No details were given by the Heat about the player’s condition, besides saying that one his lungs had clots in it.

The player will be unavailable for the remainder of the season.

Last week was when Bosh received his diagnosis, after he was playing for days with pain in his side and back. The last time that he hit the court was a couple of weeks ago in New York, during an NBA All-Star meeting, and he was evaluated after he suffered from severe pain as he was on vacation in Haiti a few days later with Dwyane Wade.

There still isn’t a timetable as to when Bosh, who this season has an average of 21.1 points and 7 rebounds, is set to return to action, even if the games are played at home.

“We’ll get there when we get to that point,” said Spoelstra. “Right now, the big thing is he’s at home and we’ll take the next step when we get there.”

The Heat’s fans were shocked when they learned about what Bosh suffered, but they’re just glad that he’s on his way to full health. Pay per head sportsbooks would also like to see him completely healthy as soon as possible, and hope that everything goes well in his recovery.

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