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Chandler Parsons believes that Harden is MVP material

James Harden MVP materialChandler Parsons would definitely pick ex-teammate James Harden if he could have a mid-season vote for an MVP. Sports bookmaker services are not the least bit surprised by this, considering Harden’s skills on the court.

“For sure. He’s the best player in basketball right now,” said Parsons before the Mavericks’ game against the Rockets on Wednesday night, when Dallas won 99-94. “The things he’s doing are incredible. The scouting report is focused in on stopping him and you see he’s still getting 30 a game. It’s impressive.”

Harden is the one leading players in the NBA when it comes to scoring, as he has 27.6 PPG, and so far he was able to record an average of 2.0 steals, 6.8 assists, and 5.6 rebounds. He’s the main reason why Houston had a record of 32-14 after the game on Wednesday, even though Dwight Howard was not able to feature for several meetings, as he was out with an injury. Rockets fans would like to see him make a very speedy recovery, but were concerned to learn that the player could be out for some time.

“Right now, there’s nobody playing better basketball on the planet,” said Rick Carlisle, Mavericks coach.

“It doesn’t really surprise me,” said Parsons regarding how Harden was performing so far in this NBA season. “I saw firsthand how talented he is. He works extremely hard. He’s playing better defense this year. He’s leading their team. He’s hitting tough shots. There’s not much he’s not doing.

“I’m happy for him. Obviously, I don’t want him to play well tonight, but I’m happy how he’s playing.”

And many fans are very well aware of the great talent that Harden has, and would like to see him perform at his best in every meeting. Ultimately, the Rockets beat the Mavericks 99-94 on Wednesday night.

This summer, Parsons and Harden had an edgy exchange of words through the media after Houston did not want to use the right that they had to match Dallas’ $46 million, 3-year offer made in restricted free agency to Parsons. Sportsbook software services saw that Parsons was offended when Harden said that he was a role player who could be replaced, saying that it was a “pretty ridiculous statement.”

But then things mellowed out, with any animosity between them ending in the time that they spent in the training camp of Team USA, and the players’ fans were very happy to learn that they’re friends now.

Many NBA fans around the world also believe that Harden is MVP material, and are confident that his career in the sport can only continue to go uphill.

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