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CB Kareem Jackson to stay with the Texans

CB Kareem Jackson to stay with the TexansOn Saturday, the Texans decided to keep CB Kareem Jackson in their ranks as they agreed on a new deal, something that gives many fans plenty of relief, considering how important the player is for the team. Now pay per head sportsbooks are very eager to see how the player will perform when the new season gets underway.

The deal, which is worth $34m and running for four years, has $20m guaranteed.

“Knowing my future, I don’t have to sit here and worry about ‘Where are we going to end up, where are we going to have to pick up and move to?'” said the CB. “Knowing that I can be here in Houston is definitely a weight off my shoulders.”

Jackson, who will be 27-years-old on the 10th of April, started for Houston since the team picked him 20th overall in the draft of 2010, and many fans remember very well when the player joined the side, as well as the positive impact that he was able to make.

In the player’s first season, the team was last place in the league in their passing defense, but Jackson was able to make very good improvements in his role, so the Texans made the decision to keep him there.

In the career that he had with Houston, the player recorded 50 defensed passes, with 10 interceptions included. Jackson’s fans know that the CB was playing outside for the majority of the career that had in the NFL, but new DC Romeo Crennel had the player in the position for more plays than in the last four years put together.
The tem spoke about the player’s return to the Texans before the season of 2014, but were never able to have official talks. Many fans saw that the Eagles and Jets were interested in acquiring Jackson’s services, according to sources.

“I expected it to get done, but this weekend kind of got a little closer I was like wow, I may have to go to the market,” said Jackson.

“These last couple days my agent and [Texans general manager Rick Smith], they put their heads together.”

Texans fans, pay per head sportsbooks, and Smith were all feeling proud over the way that Jackson was progressing in the game, and with very good reason. They expect to see him become a much better player, and believe that he could make a great impact on the team next season.

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