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Carmelo Anthony’s season might be over after the All-Star Game

There could be yet another setback to the turbulent season that the Knicks are currently having, and many online bookmakers seriously hope that this latest problem doesn’t cripple the team even more.

On Thursday, Carmelo Anthony said that there’s a very high possibility that won’t be playing again this season after the All-Star Game. reported:

“Anthony maintained that he plans to play in Sunday’s game at Madison Square Garden “even if it’s just a few minutes” — but could be done after that.”

The All-Star Game this year will be the eight one that the world famous forward was named for in his career in the NBA, and this season the player had an average of 24.2 points, 3.1 assists, and 6.6 rebounds for New York, who so far have a record of 10-42, which is not very good at all.

Last summer, the player signed a deal worth $124 million for five years, and this would be the first major signing that Phil Jackson, Knicks president, made during the offseason. However, the plan that Jackson had did not go very well, as his team ended up with the poorest start in the history of the franchise.

Online bookmakers saw that this season, the player’s performance wasn’t able to help the team’s cause. The numbers recorded by Anthony fell down from the ones he made last season, and this could be due to injuries.

Anthony, who this season didn’t feature in 13 meetings after he suffered several injuries, was thinking about receiving surgery a few weeks prior to the All-Star Game taking place.

“Now is the time to really start taking into consideration about fixing it and when to take care of it,” said Anthony. “Don’t wait long. Should I get it done now or afterwards? I’m still trying to come to a decision.

“If I have it done now, I will for sure be back for camp. I will be back way before camp. If I have to calculate — I am not the doctor — I would say if I get it done now, two months until I am back on the court. But this is something I would take slowly and not try to rush. But from what I am hearing, if I was to get it done sooner than later, then I will be back to my kind of regular working out schedule in the summertime.”

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