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Carmelo Anthony set to receive season-ending knee surgery

Carmelo Anthony set to receive knee surgeryOn Wednesday, the Knicks announced that Carmelo Anthony is set to receive surgery on his lefty knee, something that will see his season come to an end, and bookmaker software services fear that the team is in even more trouble now.

Phil Jackson, team president, said that a timetable for the player’s recovery will not be known until the surgery is done, but early signs showed that the player could be out of the game from four to six months. He would be healthy enough for the team’s training camp by then.

The surgery is set to be done this week, and will include repair and debridement of a patella tendon in his left knee.

“It’s obvious that he physically can’t do the things that he’s capable of doing, so this is a necessary step for him to take, I think, in order for him to get to the level that he’s capable of getting to,” said coach Derek Fisher.

Anthony was in pain for the majority of the season, but he kept on playing. He featured in the All-Star Game on Sunday night, but seemed to struggle on the court.

Jackson said that last month he spoke to the player – after he wasn’t able to feature for six games in a row – about having surgery scheduled.

“I had a meeting with him when we were in London and we discussed this process of having the surgery sooner than later,” said Jackson, “because we know that the process can take some time for rehab and getting back on the court and we wanted him to be able to make a full recovery and be ready for this coming season.”

On Wednesday, the player did no talk to the media.

Anthony’s 12th season playing with the NBA ended with an average of 24.2 points scored as well as 6.6 rebounds in 40 meetings. Bookmaker software services found out that in May, the player had his 30th birthday, which happened to be two months before he signed a $124 million, five-year deal in July. However, Jackson said that he believed that the player would be able to make a complete recovery, and many fans are also very optimistic.

“We anticipate that as a scorer that’s been prolific in his career, he’ll continue to be so,” said Jackson.

Anthony made his decision two days after Amare Stoudemire was waived by the Knicks after a buyout, and now the team is crippled. The coach believes that the Knicks’ problems on the court could have led the player to soldier on.

“He struggled with, I think, letting his teammates down and feeling like he wanted to be out there but knew some nights he shouldn’t have been,” said Fisher.

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