Carmelo Anthony could sit out for the rest of the NBA season

Carmelo AnthonyKnicks coach Derek Fisher admitted that it’s possible for Carmelo Anthony to sit out for the rest of the season because of an injury to the knee, something that pay per head bookies seriously hope doesn’t happen.
The forward’s left knee was sore since the season’s second meeting.

“From the conversations I’ve been a part of, I think everybody is smart enough to realize, calendar wise, timing wise, that there may come a point that that’s the decision that needs to be made,” said Fisher. “But [we realize] that we can’t force Carmelo to that point just yet.”

On Friday night, Anthony didn’t play when the Pistons were beaten 97-81 because of the sore knee. The injury saw the player miss three meetings.

On Friday, Fisher again said that any decision made to shut the player down for the season would be done with feedback coming from the team and Anthony.

“We can’t unilaterally just say, ‘Hey, you know, you can’t play for the rest of the season because of A, B and C,'” said Fisher. “I think our medical staff, our training staff, continue to have conversations with him about where he is. He’s conversing with us about how he’s feeling, what the symptoms are. And so as each day kind of unfolds, decisions are being made. It’s not something that we’re just kind of stepping back and saying, ‘Carmelo, you kind of tell us when you don’t feel like playing anymore.'”
Anthony, who is currently in his first year of a $124 million, five-year deal, said that he’s looking forward to playing for the length of time that his knee lets him.

The Knicks, who are currently at 5-30, are having plenty of problems this season, and pay per head bookies are wondering about when the player will want to put the season to rest. The player said that the Knicks’ medical staff thinks that if he keeps on playing, the injury that he suffered won’t worsen. However, they also told Anthony that if he keeps on playing, his condition won’t get better.

“It’s tough. Some days you’re able to do some things; some days you’re not,” the player said on Wednesday after the Clippers beat the team. “Some days it’s tough to even run around and cut and jump. And then other days I come in and I don’t really feel it.”

The player said that getting surgery would be a “last resort”, and wants to wait until the season finishes for something like this to take place.

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