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Bookmaker Solutions: Get More with your Sportsbook Software price per headBookmaker’s solutions are helping the modern day land based bookie look like he has his own sportsbook software and company offshore. These easy to use pay per head services have been around since 1997, but have improved by leaps and bounds in the last few years.

From a fully customizable sportsbook software to complete call center staffing, any North American bookmaker can run their business in an efficient and logical manner, with all the tools needed for success. Included are a slew of reports to show how the accounts are doing at any moment, and tools allowing for actions to be performed instantly.

From the start, all accounts can be set up individually, with different limits, available sports, payouts, teasers, parlays, horses, casino, etc, just like any other pay per head service, however unlike those other services, live betting services can be included.

In-play wagering has been around in Europe for almost a decade, and is only now becoming popular in this part of the world, and without the new options, companies just won’t be keeping up. This new option has been shown to greatly improve wagering volume for the bookmaker, and is now an essential addition.

By adding live betting services, our bookmaker solutions have now become the most advanced and comprehensive betting package available and allow any bookie the flexibility he needs to ensure great profits in the future.

In this day of instant everything, it’s nice to know that this sportsbook software has everything needed to run a smooth profitable business, easily from a smart phone or tablet, or desktop computer.

Great customer service over the phone is also included, and operators have been trained to be efficient and pleasant on every call. All calls are digitally recorded and owners are encouraged to monitor calls for their peace of mind and to know that every operator is a professional in every way.

Try out this great Live service for free and at no risk to you and find out just how perfect and hands free running your operation can be with the right bookmaker solutions. Right here, right now, is the start of something good.

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