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Aspiring Bookie Guide: How Pay Per Head Works

If you are an aspiring bookie agent but haven’t got the slightest idea on how pay per head works, you better start here. This Aspiring Bookie Guide will teach you the basic services a pay per head agent can offer. Of course, everything will be non-sense without the payment options. Let this article be your humble guide to starting your own bookie business that will surely become successful in the future.


Pay Per Head Definition

Pay per head is simply defined as the exchange of bookmaking software, casino, as well as sportsbook for a weekly payment per player. Modern bookie agents use pay per head services to operate their business. Meanwhile, those who are a novice and don’t know how pay per head works can do further research on the Internet. Every pay per head company offers different forms of their services. As a bookie, it’s your decision on how you are going to make a selection of services and prices.

How Pay Per Head Works: Services

Internet Wagering

Internet wagering is an implied explanation of how pay per head services work. You may wonder why its population continuously rise in number. The answer is simple, it’s because of the capability to perform internet wagering and place their bets at the comfort of their home. As time goes, gamblers find it really frustrating and unwise to travel and wastes time just to reach a sports betting scene or call a bookie on a busy line.


How pay per head services work in this matter? The pay per head company provides this service to the bookie agent, and the agent provides the same service to his or her clients. Happy players can place their bets using their cell phones, computer, tablet, or laptop from anywhere they want and in a private way.


The Sportsbook Software

The sportsbook software is the simplest explanation on how pay per head works. This software is provided by the company for the agent and its players. With this software, bookies can check the current activity of his clients, set betting limits, close accounts, move wagering lines at will, among other functions.


How pay per head works using a sportsbook? A sportsbook is the bloodline of the bookie business. The bookie is able to perform the business operation from anywhere in the world with only the sportsbook software. The software comes in two different interfaces; one for the players and the other is for the bookie. The players are only capable of accessing the wagering menu, while the bookie’s interface sees the internal figures involving the transaction reports, payment details, and more.


If you want to know the advanced details on how pay per head works, you should be familiarized with the sportsbook software. There are available test accounts which you can ask from a pph company that mostly come in free service. They also have free trials for a week or even a month that is also open for gamblers.


Casino and Sports Games

To fully understand how pay per head services work, you should also know that pph services are for gamblers and not particularly for sports bettors. Because of this, not only sports games should be offered by a pay per head service, but also even casino games. In fact, a sports bettor is also a gambler, so this service makes it quite more convenient for the gambler to stay in a single pay per head service for both games.


Call Center

If sports betting cannot work without a call centre, then how pay per head services work without it? The call centre is such a necessary service which a pph company should provide. This may be an old-school way, yet still really effective and adaptable. There are still clients who prefer using call-in for their actions especially for placing their wagers. Besides, not all people, especially the elders are familiar with the use of modern gadgets and Internet.


The call center service is provided by the pph company and is located offshore. However, unlike from the traditional bookmaking services, this service is a more advanced and there is no need to wait before the bookie’s line was dropped. When a bookie signs up with a pph company, he will get a personalized number which is needed to be passed among his clients.


Available Payment Options


Bitcoin.Bitcoin is the latest and more advanced payment option today. It’s getting more popular daily, as new usage was discovered. It uses peer-to-peer technology to operate and does not rely upon under any bank or central authority. Deposit and withdrawal transactions with bitcoin are really quick. Because of its unique properties, those which not be covered by any previous systems are allowed in Bitcoin.


Debit/Credit Cards. PPH companies typically use MasterCard, VISA and even American Express in all its transactions. It has a strict security and customers who preferred this method of depositing and receiving money should have their accounts reviewed. Most gamblers prefer this type of payment system for they just have to type in the number of their cards and no need to go outside.


Moneygram. Moneygram is another global leader in wireless money transfer. Unlike bitcoin which uses digital currency, MoneyGram is still fixed in using fiat currencies. This payment system has more than 300,000 branches in almost 200 countries.

Bank Wire. Bank Wire is almost the same as Money Order. You have to ask for a payment order for a certain amount. Afterward, the amount can be sent from via direct personal bank account or even through an offshore bank.


Western Union. Western Union is a payment system that started 150 years ago. Today, it is widely popular and has made 437,000 agent locations in all parts of the word. Billions of people all over its 200 territories and countries transact here through sending and receiving money, including payment for wagers.


Money Order.  Money order is a type of payment system which asks for a payment order for a certain amount of money. This can be deposited to the local bank, cashed out, or even sent via courier. Though it is not so familiar worldwide, it is still used for sending and receiving money in online wagering.


Gift Card. The gift card payment system is a part of a long explanation on how pay per head works. The prepaid gift card is available at millions of locations especially in the District of Columbia and even in the US. Where Visa debit and credit cards are accepted, the gift card can be also used including in online merchants and retail stores.

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