pay per head site

Pay per head site

Pay per head sites are innovations introduced to sports betting bookmakers to further recruit online players to use their wagering sites. Online Sportsbooks give their full support to their bookies because they understand what the bookie needs and what it takes to succeed in the business. The betting company knows that the success of the…

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bookie betting system

The bookie betting system

Bookmakers who want to expand their betting business can grow without investing millions of dollars to compete with large online wagering companies. The bookie betting system is an online wagering innovation designed for oddsmakers registered in the betting sites.      The “Book” of old  and traditional betting companies   In traditional betting sites of…

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become an efficient bookmaker

How to become an efficient bookmaker

In gambling, bookmakers make the action of putting percentages where gamblers face off with their decisions where to place their bets. Bookies present percentage odds and money lines for punters to choose the side for their wagers. The action of odds offering is the essence of bookmaking. Understanding the primary function of a bookie is…

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