pph bookie sites

Importance of Customized Website for Pay Per Head Bookie Sites

More regions in the United States have started legalizing sports gambling that paved the way for the launching of many land-based casino sportsbooks and horse racing sites. However, the deviation towards pay per head bookie sites still lingers.  One reason for this is convenience. Players or gamblers can still play and place their bets without…

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Perfect Pay Per Head

Perfect Pay Per Head Service for NCAA Basketball

All major sports offer unique opportunities for your bookmaking business. If you have a perfect pay per head site, you can easily expand your business to meet your players’ goals. From November to March, NCAA basketball can give you dozens of games every week.  Perfect Pay Per Head Site that Makes the Most of the…

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an In-play betting software

What is an In-Play Betting Software?

An In-play betting software plays a vital role in the sportsbook business. Bookmakers should never operate without it because it will draw in more customers. It also means that more profits will be generated.   Things to Consider in In-Play Betting Software In-play betting software is a heaven-sent both for bookies and players alike. There’ll be…

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a Pay Per Head Sportsbook

What is a Pay Per Head Sportsbook?

A pay per head sportsbook is primarily a company or an individual (bookie or bookmaker) that accepts wagers from online sports gamblers. It provides a list of succeeding sports games and various options to wager on the results.  It’s a bookie service that furnishes a website for players to place their bets. The bookie website…

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ideal Pay Per Head Service

The Rise of the Ideal Pay Per Head Service

Traditional bookmaking days are over which is made possible with the advancement in technology. Bookmakers can now breathe with relief and continue with their business using the ideal pay per head service like IDSCA. The invention of the Internet and the web have made a lot of changes that mushroomed the number of PPH service…

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cricket betting accounting software

Cricket Betting Accounting Software for Bookmakers

Both bookmakers and punters must face the fact that cricket match results are generally unforeseeable. It’s because this game is complex in nature and incalculable events. The volatility of this game fascinates most punters. These are bettors who are intrigued in evaluating the circumstances of the game to predetermine the results. If you’re a bookie…

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Best Pay Per Person Sportsbook

Best Pay Per Person Sportsbook to Have a Steady Income Stream

It is easy to be comfortable with your current sportsbook business. However, if you do not utilize the latest technology, then you may eventually fail to have a steady stream of income. Successful bookers have long chosen IDSCA’s pay per person sportsbook service to help them stay ahead of their game.  Pay Per Person Sportsbook…

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Pay Per Head websites

Pay Per Head Websites Around the World

Sports betting gave rise to pay per head websites and have flourished from different corners of the world. With the integration of technology, sportsbook software has been invented and made the tasks of every bookmaker much easier. Brief History of Sports Betting     Sports betting is no doubt one of the earliest systems of gambling in…

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Bookie Online Services

Bookie Online Services Make a Difference

Using the best bookie online services can really make a difference to your online bookie business operation. IDSCA is one of the sought-after pay per head companies that provides the best bookie online services for both bookmakers and players.  Bookie Online Services with User-Friendly Tools As a bookmaker, you need to find a pph service…

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