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Real-Time Live Betting

Betting-siteTrue Live betting is not just about offering a re-adjusted spread or total line during commercials breaks. It’s about providing real-time betting at all times of game, and offering a larger variety of lines and props throughout the game.

With our amazing and unique player console, everything is updated automatically. You won’t be annoyed having to refresh your browser constantly to get the latest information.

Live betting is HTML compliant, meaning you won’t need to install any plug-ins like Flash, Microsoft Silverlight or any other in order to make it function. Live betting runs on any browser of any computer system, as well as mobile devices such as your iPad and iPhone.

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Winning the Lottery, a Heavy Price per Head

lotteryMany people dream of leaving their price per head lives behind and winning the lottery, but the odds of becoming a millionaire are astronomical. Your odds are better to simply have your own pay per head sportsbook and earn a steady but basic income.

Still people will always buy a lottery ticket ‘just in case’, but what happens if you actually win? The person below has found out the hard way that winning isn’t everything.

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Pay Per Head Sportsbook: New Jersey and California Leading the Pack

NJ Republican Candidate for Governor Chris ChristieMove over Governor Chris Christie; you have now been knocked off of your pay per head sportsbook soap box. You’re not the only state wanting to set up a price per head sports service.

The Californian Senate recently voted 32-2 to approve SB 1390 and send it to the Assembly for consideration and Sen. Roderick Wright (D-Inglewood) said that he expects the federal government to eventually change its law that prohibits all but four states from allowing sports betting.

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The Legalization of Sports and Live Betting Services

US-bill-to-legalize-gamblingA few years ago, several studies were done that concluded that offshore sports betting industry was processing more than $100 billion per year. Games such as last year’s Cricket World Cup in Asia are said to have had wagered bets around about $1 billion alone, and with increased access around the world to sporting events, interest in sports betting and live betting services will also increase.

Annual events, World Cups, Olympics and other international events happen almost every year and the revenues from each such event will only increase steadily.

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Now Offering Live Betting Services

live-bettingLive betting services are a great new feature of pay per head sportsbooks catering to a Western market. Although not new in the world of betting in the European sector, live betting is an exciting way to offer clients more for every match and game.

The Western market is more accustomed to North American sports, but with the Premium software, clients can now offer live betting services to their customer for all international sports such as volleyball, beach volleyball, tennis, handball, rugby, cricket, Aussie rules football, and racing to name a few.

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Bookie Wagering Specialist

Bookie Wagering Specialists In the Price per Head business, managing risk is not just about moving lines  the correct …

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