Per Head Corner

[tw-column width=”one-fourth”] Price per Head Information Section In the section you’ll have access to read in more detail all about what differentiates from the competition such as sample betting sites, videos and articles related to the general gambling industry…read more [/tw-column] [tw-column width=”one-fourth”] Price per Head Loyalty Programs Here you’ll be able learn more…

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At International Data Solutions, what makes us different is that we are not sports advisors ourselves, and that is just one aspect of our business that sets us apart from our competitors. We are a Price per Head Service provider that offers quality customer support, hosting and software gaming solutions in order to assist you…

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About us

We at International Data Solutions are the pioneers of providing services to land-based sports advisors since 1997. Our primary goal is assisting clients to increase business while handling the most time-consuming aspects of the job. Over the years, we have become the most trusted price per head service in the world and in our efforts…

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