Bill Belichick defends the Seahawks after harsh criticism

Bill Belichick heard many people bash the Seahawks for their play-calling in the Super Bowl, and the Patriots coach was not very happy at all about this. Bookmaker software services also heard plenty of criticism towards the team, and believe that perhaps it was taken a bit too far.

Belichick also said that Pete Carroll, Seahawks coach, “does a great job”, and that bashing Seattle for their last play of the game was “totally out of line,” something that many fans can agree with.

The Patriots took advantage of the Seahawks throwing from the 1-yard line on second-and-goal with only 26 seconds left in the game, in a play that left many fans at the edge of their seats. Nonetheless, the Patriots’ coach was questioning those who were criticizing the decision made by OC Darrell Bevell and coach Pete Carroll.

“There has been a lot of criticism that I don’t think is anywhere close to being deserved or founded,” said Belichick on Tuesday when he spoke to Boston’s WEEI sports radio. “That football team is very good, very well-coached, and Pete does a great job.

“Malcolm and Brandon [Browner], on that particular play, just made a great play. I think the criticism they’ve gotten for the game is totally out of line and by a lot of people who I don’t think are anywhere near even qualified to be commenting on it.”

The coach also seemed to be very empathic with the Seahawks feeling down, and so were many NFL fans.

“I wouldn’t be able to say enough about Seattle. They’re a great football team, well-coached. They deserve so much credit for what they’ve done, and how well they’ve done it,” said Belichick.

“I know they are disappointed, as we’ve been in that spot a couple times ourselves. So the high that we feel is probably not as high as the low that they feel. But that’s a really good football team.”

NFL fans and bookmaker software services saw just how problematic this last play was in the Super Bowl, but also saw a great effort by the Seahawks throughout the game. Many fans believe that the game was pretty even, and that maybe luck was what decided the outcome. However, others think differently, as evidenced by all the criticism that the Seahawks endured – something that is not going down very well with the team’s fans.