Basketball Odds: Jackson is Rebuilding the Knicks

Phil Jackson to Rebuilding the New York KnicksPhil Jackson and the New York Knicks may be out of the 2015 NBA playoffs, but even their dismal 17-84 record isn’t so bad when you think of their position for the NBA draft.

Jackson has built successful teams in the past, most notoriously the basketball odds favorite Los Angeles Lakers from 1999 to 2011 and before that with the Chicago Bulls from 1989 to 1998. His best winning record came in 1995-1996 season with a 72-10 record for the Bulls. (all with the help of Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman)

While no longer coaching, as president he still has a lot of lean for building the ideal basketball odds favorite teams.

“A draft pick can move an entire organization forward … and this is our opportunity,” Jackson told Knicks season-ticket holders at Madison Square Gardens.

“If you sit around (picking) in the 20s and the late teens when you’re drafting players, you’re not going to move the franchise ahead. You’ve got to have a high draft pick to do that,” Jackson said. “They’re the ones that really move the franchise ahead. And this is our opportunity. It may be a godsend in the end result.”

So far a few potential choices have already contacted the Knicks, however until the 2015 NBA draft, no names are being revealed. It is also likely that the Knicks will have an extra $25 million to snag the free agents they want.

“We knew we were going to have to take this team apart to get to where we wanted to go to,” Jackson said. ” … I can make the argument we had to go through it. S— happens and this season it did happen to us.”

With this plan, basketball odds will begin to favor the Knicks in the coming years, relying on Jackson’s past successes.

And don’t count on the Knicks taking on the top names either. Their plan is to pick up players who work with their system that they are building, and that will help them forget about the 2015 NBA playoffs altogether.

“It may in fact be a big-name player but it’s going to be who fits system-wise,” said general manager Steve Mills.