Back Office Sportsbook Software

Are you looking for the best back office for Sportsbook Operator?

The sportsbook industry has evolved a lot over the years and nothing more so than the back office. In the past two decades a greater number of options have become available online for an increasingly independent operation, allowing clients to make changes, update information, make transactions, or get reports, all from the comfort of a computer or mobile device.

Why Choose Our Back Office Sports book Solutions?

If you’re looking to take your bookmaking business to the next level then you’ll want the most extensive back office available, for both desktop and mobile platforms. Whether you are comfortable at your desktop computer, or out for dinner with friends, the ability to manage your accounts easily is crucial.

For the times when you’re on the go the mobile platform Quick Tools is all that you need to change a password, update a limit, see a report, make a deposit, or add an adjustment.

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The Best Sportsbook Management Software

After 20 years of providing software to local bookmakers, has taken the time to listen to the feedback from clients, and has fine-tuned the back office into a simple yet complete set of tools to manage a sportsbook from anywhere. Agent position and game results, Line Entry, Bet Ticker, Delete wager, Handle, Total Sales are just a few of the extensive list of tools and reports available.

What can do for your Sportsbook Operation provides all of the sports and grading with up-to-the-second line moves, multiple platforms such as live and mobile, websites, toll-free numbers, and customer service, so all that you have to do is set up the accounts with limits and passwords. You can concentrate on marketing to increase your customers and deposits of your existing customers, while we manage all of the day-to-day tasks.


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A Secure and Prepared Data Center is located in the friendly country of Costa Rica, a beautiful and occasionally dangerous country due to volcanic activity, as well as the occasional hurricane. Our office is located in a very safe location in the central valley, however to ensure that we are always protected we have several procedures in place to ensure zero data loss in the event of a catastrophe or natural disaster.

The Disaster Recovery Strategy includes an on–site large facility generator with an integrated power management system, secondary call and data center, off-site secondary data mirroring, and immediate on-site data back-up. is a dedicated Dell Data Center with certified technicians and 24/7 monitoring, and to ensure our servers are working at 100% we schedule regular maintenance, as well as maintain additional parts in case of any system deficit.


Protected Data and Secure Servers

The State-Of-The-Art Data Center

A climate controlled Data Center equipped with Dell servers, 24/7 monitoring by trained network specialists, triple-redundant internet and phone systems, data recovery strategy, on-site power management systems, multiple firewall security, and a mitigation solution to resolve all DDOS makes this one amazing Data Center.

Maintaining thousands of sites and a multitude of servers is why is dedicated to ensuring a 99.9% up-time, and 100% data recovery rate for all information that passes through the Data Center servers. It is of the utmost importance to to carry on this strict regiment for the regard of the Data Center, and for all valued clients and their customers.

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Multi Service/Software Provider

Pay per head for local bookmakers pioneered the pay per head industry, and remains a leader due to the quality provided and amount of products available to clients and their customers, such as sportsbook, racebook, casino, live betting and mobile platform.

Live Player

IDSca is the largest provider of live betting to sportsbooks and other pay per head companies for the North and South American markets. Out top team of programmers took the time to research and develop this amazing product that is the future of sports wagering.

Turn-key sportsbook 

Take control of your sports book, with a turn-key sportsbook option. We will provide everything you need to get your business up and running, from bandwidth, servers, software and web design, to maintenance and staffing if needed. Call us to learn more about how a turnkey sportsbook can work for you.

Web design 

The web design team can make something special for your website, and we can also add in code developed just for you. There is no limit to what your final site can look like, and with our team on the job, your customers will have an amazing online experience.

Programming & software development

You don’t have to accept anything out of the box. With our team of programmers, we can build a program from scratch, or use our skills to modify any existing program. Several of our proprietary softwares are already being used in some of the biggest sportsbooks and pay per head companies.

Internet Service Provider 

We provide internet service across our network, spread throughout Costa Rica. We have the largest bandwidth allocation in the country, surpassing many other national carriers.

Call center 

If you are looking only for a call center option, we can do that too. Our staff have many years of experience in the sports betting industry and are able to mange multiple company scripts and databases.  With a remote connection only the wager entry is available to the call center staff, leaving all other data secure and allowing you to manage the sensitive parts of your sports book, and focus on generating more customers and profits.


Take it for a test drive?

Want to learn more?

Contact us to see the back office platform, as well as the sports, racebook casino. live, and the mobile platforms, and once you’re ready we’ll set up your sportsbook with your own website and unique toll-free numbers, all with a free trial. Contact the customer service team to access the Demo accounts, or to find out more information at 1-866-225-5437 (1-866-CALL-IDS) or [email protected]

If you’re interested in a Live Player demonstration for your company, or in discussing some of our other services, please let us know in your email that you wish to set up a meeting in office.