Alabama still want to improve while playing on the road

Alabama Crimson Tide-2014Alabama, who are ranked at 3rd place, are keeping their usual dominance while playing at Bryant-Denny Stadium, but Live betting fans can see that they’re weaker away from home.

”We didn’t play a complete game, in my opinion, in terms of the way we started,” said Nick Saban, Alabama coach. ”If you want to be a dangerous team, if you want to be a dominant team, you’ve got to be able to sustain for 60 minutes in the game, and we were not able to do that.”

At home, Alabama didn’t seem to have any problems doing that.

The Tide were able to win their four games at home by a 40.3-point average. The Tide are 3-1 away from home, which include beating West Virginia 33-23 in Atlanta – in a neutral venue – and one of the team’s away wins was made against the Arkansas Razorbacks on a decision of one point.

CB Cyrus Jones doesn’t know how to explain this. ”It’s just up to us communicating and being on the same page on both sides of the ball,” he said. ”We should have the mental capacity to be able to execute no matter what place we’re playing in, the crowd or anything like that.”

On November 8, the Tide are set to visit the LSU Tigers after being off for a week. On Saturday, the Tigers were able to show just what a threat they can be at home when they took out Ole Miss 10-7.

The Tide believe that their games on the road are improving. QB Blake Sims said that at Tennessee, the Tide’s communication is better than in their two games away from home – a loss of 23-17 to Ole Miss and a win of 14-13 over the Razorbacks. Against the Volunteers, the Tide were 11 out of 15 on conversions on a third down.

”We were very confident when we came into the game,” Sims said. ”We had a lot of momentum coming in, and we were very emotional.”

The Tide’s Live betting fans know that the team is fresh off a 59-0 thrashing of Texas A&M, and they seemed to be on their way to record a second consecutive blowout win when the team scored their first 27 points of the game. However, they were unable to dominate like they did a week back. Tennessee QB Joshua Dobbs’ mobility got in the way of the Tide’s defense, and the Volunteers clinched 17 straight points thanks to this.

It’s pretty clear that the Tide are doing a much better job than the one made in the stretch of two games against the Rebels and Razorbacks, putting in jeopardy Alabama’s hopes of making it to the payoffs. Now the Tide must perform 100% when they play on the road.

”I think we’ve got a team that’s sort of up and down a little bit,” said Saban. ”We struggled a little bit at Arkansas. We played great against Texas A&M. We played great at times in this game today, and played so-so in times in this game today. So, I think consistency in performance is what’s going to be the key to being successful down the road.”