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Alabama are the favorites to win the SEC

College Football 2015 Predictions- Alabama are the favorites to win the SECIn Las Vegas, the odds say that the SEC will be very competitive, unlike the Big Ten, something that doesn´t surprise many fans or sportsbook software services.

Ohio State’s betting line opened with their powerful Buckeyes as the 1-2 favorites to clinch the Big Ten, as predicted by sportsbook CG Technology, and the fans can’t wait to see if they’ll deliver, but considering the squad that they currently have, the possibilities of the team making it all the way this upcoming season are pretty high.

In the conferences of the Power 5, Urban Meyer’s team happens to be the only favorite odds-on. The sportsbook says that the other squads with a better than 10-1 opportunity to win are the Big Ten Michigan State (13-4) and Wisconsin (8-1), and fans everywhere are very eager to see how far they’ll go.

Six teams in the SEC – Alabama (5-2), who are the ones favored to win, Auburn (15-4), LSU (8-1), Tennessee (8-1), Ole Miss (8-1), and Georgia (5-1), have odds in the single digits. Arkansas (10-1) also joins in.

In the ACC, Florida State (5-2) have been picked as the favorites, with Clemson (3-1) following. Then there’s Georgia Tech (4-1), with Virginia Tech (8-1) trailing the Yellow Jackets.

When it comes to the Pac-12, Oregon (9-4) are barely the favorites to win. Right behind the Ducks are USC (11-4), and Stanford, along with UCLA, who follow at 5-1.

The eagerly anticipated conference championship odds for college football were recently released by CG Technology:

SEC                                                                                BIG TEN

Alabama 5-2                                                                     Ohio State 1-2

Auburn 15-4                                                                      Michigan St. 13-4

Georgia 5-1                                                                      Wisconsin 8-1

LSU 8-1                                                                            Michigan 12-1

Ole Miss 8-1                                                                    Nebraska 12-1

Tennessee 8-1                                                                 Penn State 15-1

Arkansas 10-1                                                                  Minnesota 18-1

Missouri 12-1                                                                   Iowa 25-1

Miss. St. 12-1                                                                   Rutgers 40-1

Texas A&M 15-1                                                              Maryland 50-1

Florida 18-1                                                                      Illinois 60-1

S. Carolina 25-1                                                               Indiana 60-1

Kentucky 75-1                                                                  Northwestern 60-1

Vanderbilt 100-1                                                               Purdue 100-1

ACC                                                                            PAC-12

Florida St. 5-2                                                                  Oregon 9-4

Clemson 3-1                                                                    USC 11-4

Ga. Tech 4-1                                                                    Stanford 5-1

Louisville 8-1                                                                    UCLA 5-1

Va. Tech 8-1                                                                     Arizona St. 6-1

Miami 10-1                                                                       Arizona 7-1

Duke 12-1                                                                         Utah 10-1

NC State 12-1                                                                  California 18-1

Pittsburgh 15-1                                                                 Washington 30-1

N. Carolina 18-1                                                               Wash. St. 40-1

Boston Col. 30-1                                                              Colorado 50-1

Virginia 30-1                                                                     Oregon St. 50-1

Syracuse 75-1

W.Forest 100-1

BIG 12

TCU 17-10

Baylor 5-2

Oklahoma 4-1

Oklahoma St. 5-1

Texas 7-1

Kansas St. 10-1

  1. Virginia 15-1

Texas Tech 20-1

Iowa State 25-1

Kansas 100-1

NCAA football is right in the spotlight, and these lines will be closely monitored by sportsbook software services all over the world. What will happen with these teams is yet to be seen, and there could also be some very big surprises.

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