Sports Bookmakers Reporting

Sports Bookmakers Reporting

    • Transaction: Gives information of each player’s transaction in specific dates or time intervals (Deposits/Withdrawals/Credits/Debits)


    • Line entry: Indicates game betting lines offered on each sport. It also gives the agent the option to move his own lines, rather that our line movers do it for you.


    • Game results: Shows the final results (scores and points) of each of the games offered on every sport. It also gives you an amount per bet of the players who win or lose.


    • Open wagers: Shows all the wager types that are open and pending for the players. You can filter it by subagent or by wager type. It also gives you the option to include futures and props.


  • Interface: Displays all history from where the players have done their wagers (Call Center or Internet) and the amount of wagers on each category. It also shows the casino sessions, the total of players active that week and the total amount of wagers

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    • Customer promotions: Shows the Agent the possibility of giving a promotion depending on the data results of each player. You can give a promotion such as vigorish discount, half point discount or free play. Vigorish discounts gives you the option to have it for a period of time and if you want it for online/call canter or both. On free half points you can choose if you want to apply the promotion on a specific day of the week, by sport (Football/Basketball or both), if you want it on Call Center/Online or both, and if there is a maximum dollar amount for them to get the free half point. For free plays, it shows the available free play money (it gives you the option of entering a new free play amount by clicking on players available), the amount of free play money pending and the number of free plays.


    • Horses: Displays the wager results of a chosen player and agent data in this category.


    • Bet Ticker: Alerts the Agent the incoming bets of its players almost in real time. The page pulls information from the database every 10 seconds, and displays it in the Agent’s browser. The newest bets show up on top, while your older bets are displayed below. It also shows the incoming bets with different colors depending on the amount and also differentiates the bets from players that you have marked as wise.


  • Inet Watchdogs: Generates logs of the IPs used by the Agent’s players at specific dates and times. It also lets you compare if the same IP is being used by more than one player. It gives you the time of the login with a brief description of the player activity.