Sports Bookmakers Reporting

Sports Bookmakers ReportingMany bookmarkers are always looking for the best betting software solution provider in order to take their business to another level. International Data Solutions offers its clients access to an innovative sports bookmakers reporting system that gives to the a better control of its business. provides deeper informational reports to the Agent by dividing them into several categories to provide more accurate and detailed data.

    • Weekly balance: Shows the Agent the win-loss record of each player for the week. We recommend this report for players that have carryover figures. Weekly balance also shows the BOW (beginning of the week balance), the individual day by day for the present week and if there were any transactions (Deposits/Withdrawals) done during that period.


    • Daily figures: Gives the option to view the data figures day-to-day. The report can give you the information for the present week and the week before. It also gives you the option of clicking on the figure and displays all the bets that were graded for each day. In this report you can also enter any kind of transaction with a description by clicking on the account number.


    • Daily figures show the “Non Posted Casino Balance “and each player password in order to make it easier for the agent. This report works for both Carryover figures and Zero balance accounts displaying a different column for each total. Finally, it has the option for agents to start the week on Mondays or Tuesdays (Tuesday Zero Out accounts).


  • Handle: Provides the total amounts and percentages on each sport for the entire package of players. This report will give you the split information by subagent or will show the amount on each sport by player. In addition, the player display gives you the option to click on the amounts to check the plays.

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    • Action by player: Provides the figures for each player in a period of time. Shows the bet types that they have played including horses and casino. Action by player also provides the adjustments (Credits/Debits) done in that period of time and shows the data for the past 2 months.


    • Distribution: Shows the overall information of the agent’s business for the last 30 days (the sports book win/loss, the sportsbook adjustments, Casino win/loss, Casino fees, Commission types and amounts, etc). It also shows the previous make up figure and the present make up, and the agent distribution amount.


    • Agent position: Gives the Agent the option to see the wagering status of the players on each game. The amounts on the report are only for straight wagers, by clicking on the amounts you will be able to see each bet (with line and juice) and who made it. By clicking on the team’s name, you will also see all bets including parlays and teasers.


  • Customer list: Provides the data of active and inactive players (Passwords, SB status, Casino status, current balance, settle figure, wager limit, credit limit, free play, store (line type) and pending).