Price Per Head Premium Services

Price Per Head Premium Services

International Data Solutions will be launching its new Premium Service software, bringing to the agents and players a wide range of features and reports readily available. is always looking for the Agents best interest across the board, therefore, we have introduced new and enhanced tools in order for Agents to optimize and grow their business.

The Premium Service software has a user-friendly navigation with up to 1,800 games available on a daily basis covering a variety of sports from the U.S., Europe and other parts of the globe. This web-based software offers an assortment of languages, different odds displays (American, Decimal, Fractional and Hong Kong type) and desired currency for the players’ needs.

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In addition, the web-based application provides the Agent the ability to customize the look and feel of their player’s experience such as graphics and text information. Moreover, the agent will have the capability to manage sub-agents (if applicable), player account information, limits, make-ups, commissions and percentages to name just a few items.

Another feature provided by the Premium Service is the Bet Slip, which is similar to a shopping cart that allows players to be constantly reviewing the selected wagers as well as the ability to mix bets when the play allows. Also, has enhanced a new Live Betting Service, which lets players bet during the game on all major sports. This feature displays a screen with all the game information such as stats, time, score and injury reports all in real-time.

Regardless of what the players wager on, whether it’s sports, horseracing, casino games, or all of the above, the agent will have real-time tracking and reporting readily available. Likewise, the Agents will have the option to use the Bet Ticker feature that alerts in real-time when there is a steam player or steam play (watchdogs or IP monitor, and agent flags are also available).

With this Premium Service software, offers the agent a complete turn-key solution for all of their Price per head bookmaker needs. All of this is available just a phone call away!