PPH Security Services

PPH Security Services

IDSca.com aims to provide a safe, confidential, and professional place for  agents and their players. We have a combination of triple-redundant telephone and internet connections for better service, while a Mitigation Solution is used to avoid online denial of service (DOS) attacks.We are the most secure PPH Solution with great networks, internet security and data encryption.

Our trustful servers guard all of our encrypted information, which is protected by multiple protocols to preserve our strict security standards. Also IDSca.com 24/7 video surveillance is monitored on a constant basis giving additional confidence to our agents.

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PPH Security Services

Moreover, we at International Data Solutions respect the privacy of our clients thus we will never give out any private information provided by you or your players. Our clients’ personal information is kept under the strictest confidence and will never be traded or distributed except with the Agent’s approval.

Internally, IDSca.com also stands out with very secure technology, restricting access  of our agent’s information, unless needed to provide assistance. Furthermore, access to all data is restricted only to highly trained staff in the field and every employee with access is 100% monitored at all times for fraud prevention.

At IDSca.com we have made sure to take every  to protect both you and your players with the best PPH Security Services. With a Data Replication or Recovery plan, if any emergency occurs in our main offices, which guarantees the agent’s business to be up and running within 30 minutes and without losing data.

As you can see, we focus a large amount of resources to guarantee that the safety measures we provide are the most secure and reliable in the business. IDSca.com wants to remain as the top price per head software solutions provider in the market.  We are therefore committed to providing a safe, confidential, and professional place for our agents’ clients to enjoy wagering on sports and other events.

  • Multiple Firewall
  • Mitigation Solution (DOS attacks)
  • Data Replication- Recovery Plan
  • Back-ups (Battery/Servers/Data)
  • 24/7 video surveillance all year round