Pay Per Head Sportsbook

Pay per Head Sportsbook ReliabilityInternational Data Solutions is fully equipped with the latest in technology innovations, which gives us complete control and advanced customization capabilities to meet all of our client’s needs. is well known for its reliability, as we have spent thousands of dollars to ensure that our agents’ business runs smoothly at all times.We have implemented a recovery plan that includes redundancy with full data replication capability in two external locations, besides our high-speed fiber optic internet connection, satellite back up and generators. Furthermore, we offer a combination of phone systems such as landlines, VoIP and an innovative satellite communication system to ensure a more functional and steady communication. has over 80 servers and we stock replacement parts for our servers in case of system failure.

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Sign up Today and get a freetrial as a Pay per Head Sportsbook uses the most prominent software in the industry, so all wagers and transactions are handled with incredible speed and accuracy. In addition, every customer’s account balances are constantly updated and all telephone wagers are recorded for quality and protection purposes, which gives confidence and security to our clients.

International Data Solutions’ infrastructure provides the following benefits to our Agents:

  • High-end DELL servers (Hosting/ Redundancy/ Data)
  • Over 200Mb of bandwidth to balance our Internet traffic
  • Over a 1,000,000 transactions processed
  • Management over 1000 domains (web sites)
  • Infrastructure uptime 99.99% yearly
  • VOIP and land based phones (Multi-redundancy)
  • Redundant precision air-conditioning systems
  • Innovative Satellite Communication System