Bookie Wagering Specialist

Bookie Wagering Specialists

In the Price per Head business, managing risk is not just about moving lines  the correct way. Risk management is the process of analyzing exposure to risk and determinining how to handle it. When you sign up for, our line managers and risk management experts will immediately begin reducing your risk, since we are constantly working to make sure that both you and your players are secure at all times.

International Data Solutions employs highly qualified line managers, with great experience in online gaming and adept in handling all types of wagering action. At, your risk as an agent is reduced to an absolute minimum.

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Our line experts are great at recognizing and keeping an eye on sharp players, as well as informing every agent of their wagering activity and all the movements in their accounts. Our line bookie wager specialists know how to protect your business by using the precise tools of our software to minimize your exposure to risk.

In addition, if you’re a large or experienced agent, you can control your own lines to further reduce your risk. software allows agents the ability to move their own lines and make predictions about the games of the day based on their action. Our experts will study the agents and their experience in line administration in order to ensure that they are kept up to date with the latest breaking news, injuries, weather conditions and every event that could possibly affect the outcome of a game. is the safest place to run your operation, as we give you the tools to run your business easily. By applying our experience and wide knowledge of proven techniques, your service will have the solid functionality and safety for your business to grow.