price per head agent

Price Per Head Agent: How To Become A Successful One

Do you dream of dominating the world of gambling and become a successful price per head agent? If your answer is yes, then you must be ready to encounter and solve tough challenges in the inconsistent world of gambling. But, before getting to that phase, you must first understand the concept and process of price…

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pph sites

PPH Sites Scams: Common Red Flags to Avoid Rip-Offs

One of your friends introduce you the excellent features and productive benefits of online betting through PPH Sites. You know you’d be great in this slot, if only a pay per head bookie would offer you the chance. Now, you get the break and speak with a customer representative from the site that is responsible…

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Alex Rodriguez will be tested a bit more frequently

Alex Rodriguez will be tested a bit more frequently. This obviously is the result of his 162-game suspension for using drug performance-enhancing drugs. This is according to new baseball commissioner Rob Manfred. Manfred stated, “Let me be clear about this; he’ll be tested exactly like every other player who has violated the program. The program…

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Bookie Wagering Specialist

Bookie Wagering Specialists In the Price per Head business, managing risk is not just about moving lines  the correct way. Risk management is the process of analyzing exposure to risk and determinining how to handle it. When you sign up for, our line managers and risk management experts will immediately begin reducing your risk,…

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PPH Security Services

PPH Security Services aims to provide a safe, confidential, and professional place for  agents and their players. We have a combination of triple-redundant telephone and internet connections for better service, while a Mitigation Solution is used to avoid online denial of service (DOS) attacks.We are the most secure PPH Solution with great networks, internet…

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Per Head Section

Cloud Hosting Software Solutions Facility Photos we’ll provide you with the most artistic web-designers in the industry to customise and enhance your website needs. As mentioned in the pay per head Solutions section, offers you the State-of-the-Art Technology for the modern day Bookmaker. Please click on the images below to see a few…

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Agents Corner Promotions

Information Section Loyalty Programs Current Promotions Software Demos Here you’ll find the best bookmaker promotions the Price per Head industry has to offer: BOOKMAKING SOLUTIONS PRICE PER HEADIDS, the Pioneer in Price per Head Services and Solutions since 1997.

Price per Head Confidentiality

Price per Head ConfidentialityAt International Data Solutions, we have made sure to take every step to protect both you and your players We employ great networks, data encryption and internet security, and our trustful servers guard all of our encrypted information, which is protected by several protocols to preserve our strict security criteria.We at…

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Premium Service Worlwide Sports Selection

1800+ Daily Games Worldwide At International Data Solutions, the Price per Head pioneer, we always strive to provide our Agents with the best service, therefore, we have implemented as part of the new Premium Service a large variety of sport options for your players’ full entertainment.This new service allows the players to wager on more…

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Premium Service Market Tendencies

Market Tendencies (Online Action Points)The new Price per Head solution Premium Service, which will be available to Bookmakers and players in the coming weeks, will bring a wide range of features and reports that will make an enormous difference in the way your business is handled.Besides providing the most innovative live betting service and…

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