Agent Administrator

Our Agent Administrator exceeds all customer expectations with its range of reports and features, and we continually strive to give our customers what they want by listening to their requests.

We have created an easy to use command center for anyone wanting complete control of their sportsbook, large or small, and we know that these additional features make the difference in choosing the most comprehensive service.

We are unique in the fact that we have a team of programmers on site, every day, who are able to fulfill the needs of customers, and make the updates necessary to help us maintain our lead in the industry along with the best customer experience.

With all the tools you need to manage your sportsbook, and your own private internal mail system, IDS will be all that you need to create the most profitable business, while maintaining everything in a safe, secure, environment.

Agent Administrator features include a player list that also acts as a full control system for activity and limits, A massive action suite can control all or a select group of players for instant changes to every wager type, all with a simple click.

To compliment this full range of tools and features, Agent Administrator includes LiveChat to communicate with the Customer Service team directly in real time, making outside programs or devices, redundant and unnecessary.


Pay per Head Agent Administrator

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Pay per Head Agent Administrator