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A decision on Brady’s appeal could be made very soon

Tom Brady appeal decision could be made very soonOn Thursday, Roger Goodell said that soon a decision will be made on Patriots QB Tom Brady’s appeal for his four-game ban, saying that it could even be released next week. Pay per head software services and fans all over the country are eagerly anticipating a final say on this controversial issue, and can’t wait to see what the final verdict will be.

The NFL Commissioner spoke about this in a conference in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Robert Kraft, Patriots owner, is also at the conference, and on Wednesday both were seen together.

On the 23rd of June, the QB appealed the decision for the suspension to Goodell, who was serving as an arbitrator in this case. Jeffrey Kessler, an attorney who was highly successful in contesting the NFL in other important cases, is the one behind Brady’s defense, and he said, “I think we put in a very compelling case.”

A sworn affidavit that backed the QB was sent by Kraft as part of the player’s appeal process.

Goodell being an arbitrator was very controversial for both Brady and the NFLPA, but the commissioner said that it was his duty to protect the NFL’s integrity and supervise the hearing.

The report made by attorney Ted Wells, which was the base for the player getting suspended by the league, the Patriots getting a fine of $1 million and losing their first-round draft pick in 2016, as well as a fourth-round pick in 2017, was at the hearing.

An announcement of the penalties was made after Wells said that it was “more probable than not” that New England underinflated the footballs in their game on the 18th of January against the Colts.

Pay per head software services could see that a very important part of the player’s appeal was Wells’ report, with Brady’s attorneys saying that it showed no proof at all of the QB breaking the rules. A letter by Tom DePaso, NFLPA general counsel, said that the report “grasps at dubious, contradictory and mischaracterized circumstantial evidence” besides being a “legally inadequate basis upon which to impose unprecedented discipline.”

The QB’s side also mentioned the penalties given as being “grossly inconsistent” with the league’s former actions against conducts that were similar.

NFL fans know how controversial the whole Deflategate fiasco continues to be, but maybe this verdict will bring some closure to this mess. Developments on this case will be closely monitored.

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