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This is why pay per head bookie exists

It cannot be denied that 2016 has taken various pay per head bookie and agent to a wild and memorable ride. For sure, it was one year that was s inundated by ups and downs in the sports betting and sporting industry as a whole. As there were a number of surprising ends and certainly several turns, bookies may have learned a great deal on how to

Nevertheless, 2017 is also set to give them another period to profit on and remember. Before we check the 10 sporting events that every budding bookie should look forward to, let’s take a quick glimpse at the highlights of the previous year.

A Look Back at 2016 Price Per Head Highlights

The Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro

Let us see how the realm of the sporting event has taken bookmaker and agent up their seats last calendar date. We’ll begin with the biggest – Summer Olympics in Rio. After almost one century, the Olympics featured two sporting occasions for the first time. Yes, both golf and rugby enthusiasts were in for a treat during the last Olympic. Bettors from the host country and in the North and South America were among the busiest and most active during this time.

The Big European Football Surprises

European Football was a blast as well. Bookies were challenged by the surprising turn of events. In the finals, it was Portugal that claimed most coveted price. Sportsbook and In live betting were equally in-demand at this point. PPH bookmaker also witnessed big fluctuations in their sheet. With the help of a reliable price per head bookies and service provider, a bookie could have faced a massive loss since Portugal was considered an ‘underdog’ during this coverage.

The Australian Football League (AFL)

Bettors who were out of Australia had the chance to take part in the excitement during last year’s Football teams (AFL) with the help of a great PPH site. It was an exciting event that led the Western Bulldogs to claim the title and ended their 60-year title drought. This is one exciting aspect of using PPH services – you can always get to participate, wage or bet on games you want even those that take place outside your current location.

What do these events teach price per head bookies?

When it comes to a sportsbook business, strategies are the ultimate tools for success. This can be achieved by availing a top-notch PPH service provider. Bookies who did not make a killing last season due to the sporting surprises must learn from their own mistakes.Note that when it comes to professional matches, betting and bookmaking business, certain hidden cards must be used to your advantage. In order to boost earning and profits, bookmakers must be prepared for the major sporting outcomes.

The Major League Baseball Historic Season

This probably came to a surprise for all the price per head bookies who were preparing for the MLB last season. A historic turn of outcome that would likely boost the number of players or agents this time was the victory of Chicago Cubs. When the cubs emerged as a victor, it was certainly an extremely surprising outcome for bookies.

Sports in 2017 what Bookies Should Know

The Super Bowl Li

February happens to be one month that NFL fans look forward to end of the year is the Superbowl. Although this was held earlier this month, it must be noted that this new pay per head bookie should be all set for this event. Agents should be prepared with all their prop bets in. For such a big sporting event, it is crucial for any online bookie to learn how to mitigate risks during a high-stake bet like NFL’s Super Bowl.

Le Tour de France

Every summer, many enthusiasts take some time off to follow the Le Tour de France. For sure, it is a special time for cycling enthusiasts, bettors, and analysts and this should be the same for every new price per head bookies. This year, this biking competiiton will commence in Dusseldorf again since 1987. A pro bettor would certainly want to see this event in your own sportsbook. Here’s another tip — the Tour of Britain which will take place in September is being seen as a major occasion as well.


April is a big month for boxing fans across the globe and this should also be included in your sportsbook as well. The Heavyweight title is on the line with Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko battling it out to get it. Bettors are expected to do the same – they will battle it out as a major title competition like this is considered a high-stake event. So, see to it that you get this event in your list of  for this time.


The UEFA Women’s Champions League has a growing number of fans, and it will not be surprising if the price per head bookies would get inundated with bets during the final match in June. In particular, sports bettors from Wales and other European cities will be looking forward to placing their bets on this sports.
Still on football (or soccer – if you prefer), be keen on following the qualifying matches for World Cup 2018.

Horse Racing

The tickets are already on sale for the QIPCO British Champions Day or the British Flat racing season finale. Aptly dubbed as the richest race day in the nation, this is also a day for every bookie to keep their strategies on point.

During this occasion the best jockeys and the top-notch horses from across the globe will all battle for the £4.26 million purse. Yes, this year is record-breaking and what is even more exciting is that the Stobart Champion Flat Jockey will also be presented earlier of the same day.


This sport is also getting a lot of following and many triathlete gathers to grab that World Ironman Championship title which is happening in Hawaii this October 2017. As a pay per head bookie, never underestimate any type of sport as sports enthusiasts are now getting more incline in following events they were never interested in the past. It is particularly helpful to provide bettors with the most number of matches option as possible.

Formula 1

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix or the final race of the F1 season will sure make headlines once again. The event will take place in November it will grace again in the word-class venue called the Yas Marina Circuit. This is the same venue where the country’s Grand Prix inauguration took place in 2009. PPH bookies should always consider including this in the list of sports to offer the bettors. In a massive sport tournament like this, higher stakes and bigger bets are expected.

Final Words

In order to manage the risks, every novice or experienced pay per head bookie service should keep themselves well-informed of all the predictions and odds of the sports. Following up predictions and reading up on every major sporting event should help every bookie increase their chances of earning. Being ill-prepared is one of the worst attitudes that a budding bookie can have.

It is likewise imperative to make sure of a top sportsbook management software as it will allow you to grow your sheet. In addition, a reputable PPH service provider can offer the best platforms, customer care, and a wide range of options for you and your players to enjoy. You have full control over the limits of the best and you can even add other services such as the casino to maximize your earning and winning potential. So, make sure that you block off the dates for these major sporting events and in the loop especially if you are a new pay per head bookie service.