Mobile Betting

Who uses mobile betting software to play?

Use our mobile betting service and keep the play and fun on with a great variety of virtual games to play on. With our mobile betting solutions, you can now keep your guys active in just a simple click and increase you revenue all the time. is the leading PPH service provider with over two decades of experience in the industry.

Fast & Furious Actions for Your Guys

The sports bookie competition is getting fiercer and fiercer, and it is a must for your business to tap the best PPH services in order to grow and thrive in the industry.  International Data Solutions delivers the finest live wagering for every game, every day. No other bookie provider comes close to us. As a sports bookie agent, you will definitely want to offer the best product to your player. Ad if you can integrate a completely new dimension to your client’s wagering experience, our services will surely provide you a leg up on the tight competition. allows sportsbook businesses to do this, with cutting edge innovations ever to help you grow your brand. Get the mobile betting service offered by and your guys will surely love fast and furious actions.

Sports Betting

It is pretty obvious that your clients could indulge in action without pause all throughout the evening. With the best services offered by, your customers will have an access to a wide range of sports such as baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball and other sporting events. All the sports events offered by will be organized and listed in a user-friendly menu, and your customers will pick out the event they want to play in. They will come across different options, such as the number of the propositions and the dynamic odds on the side. And take note: they change in real time, so your customers have to be really quick. As the agent, this service means additional income for you.

Virtual Games

Boasting a plethora of modern and innovative virtual gaming options for your guys, offers the best sports, racing and entertaining events. Our virtual offers come with user-friendly back office, multi-currency and multilingual features, and are accessible online.

24/7 Betting With Excellent Realism Based On Real Data

One of the reasons why bookmakers worldwide chose the mobile betting service offered by is because of the emphasis we put on the realism with the graphic display, the gameplay, the number of events, and leagues or tournaments, which are all based on real sports data. With our services, bettors can get exactly what they want. All our virtual sports are based on realistic stats, so it’s like wagering on the real thing. With fresh gambling cycles for your customers every couple of minutes, you will surely give a fast betting experience to your guys.

Table Games

When you choose, we will also give your customers an access to a wide range of table games including baccarat, Pai gaw poker, craps, Roulettes, Caribbean Poker and Three Card Poker. Our table and system provide a whole new level of wagering experience for your customers. Your casual players would surely love the comfort, freedom and personal space from the intimidation associated with the play. On the other hand, your seasoned players will appreciate the faster-paced, multi-game choice and integrated custom offers. The efficiency of our PPH solutions means that you can generate revenues at a fraction of your operating cost. Try to add player participation per deal and you will surely have endless possibilities for your sportsbook business. We also have hybrid events which are engaging, and come with a more personal setting for your customers to relish. Try our PPH solutions now!


Get our mobile betting solutions and satisfy your player’s craving for their favorite casino events in a fast-paced wagering environment anywhere. Our casino games include a wide range of card and table games and wide range of slots for your customers to play on and enjoy anytime, anywhere. When you avail our high quality offers, the limits for every player can be set up either on a win/loss or daily basis, while the customized profiles can be set up to limit a certain game, if necessary. Our casino games are known for their lively and realistic sound effects, making players feel like they are actually part of the fun and action. There are available rules for each game, so your players can easily understand how each game works. When you choose our services, we will give your players an access to realistic casino with industry leader software for maximum fun and excitement.


We also give your player an access to horseracing events. Sportsbook makers who take a pass on providing their customers the chance to wage on the ponies are not just doing a big disservice, but they are also missing out the chance to generate more revenues. Usually, bookies don’t offer horseracing actions to their guys because they think that they won’t be able to get enough of it. That’s not true because the most successful sports bookies are those who offer their players with a full range of wagering options including horseracing. At International Data Solutions, our mobile betting service come with easy to play horseracing events to add the fun to your players and increase your revenue at the same time.

Saddle up, and use our service as we put your players in a safe and secure horseracing wagering setting with top-notch horse racing software. As an agent, you will have an access and control of every horse racing option and decide which tracks your customers may bet on. Bookmakers can take their guys to the track, while saving them from worries of getting posted. With us, our horse racing software gives your customers the opportunity to place their bets via online using any mobile device.

Mobile Betting

Whether we like it or not, gamblers today demand a mobile app which will give them an instant access to different wagering opportunities regardless of whenever and wherever they are. This is where our reliable services for mobile betting steps in. offers the bookmaking agents the best mobile betting applications today. Our user-friendly wagering interface allows your players to use their mobile device to experience an exciting gambling, without requiring additional download. At, your gambles can place their wagers in the horseback, sportsbook and casino wherever they are. Also, our mobile gambling platform is not only for players because it also gives sports bookies instant access to our real time reporting. With our mobile bettting service, you don’t have to spend long hours in your office. With our solutions, rest assured that you don’t have to be glued on your computer to check on any pending action.

Why Choose Our Pay Per Head Service?

Our Experts Are On Hand 24/7

If you have any questions regarding the game, payment or anything about gambling, our mobile betting service won’t disappoint you. We have a dedicated experts who operate 24/7 to answer and take care of different concerns. Our round the clock support team is dedicated to assist you and your customers in any issues you or they may have. To deliver the highest quality of PPH solutions for your business needs, takes pride on putting customers first, to deliver a top-notch gaming experience.

Excellent Customer Service

Our multilingual operators are available 24/7/365 to address all your needs in a courteous and highly knowledgeable and manner. We have multiple website tailored options and unique 800 number to ensure phone calls will always get through. Our multi-lingual operators speak English, Spanish, Mandarin, and other languages to meet the diverse needs of your players.

So what are you waiting for? Get the best pay per head service from now!