Back Office Sportsbook Software

Are you looking for the best back office for Sportsbook Operator?

The sportsbook industry changes over time. These days, it is important to be lean and mean as much as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be left behind. Whether building and growing your sports bookie business, sharp lines and security are the keys to success.

Are you ready to take your bookie business into a newer height? At, we have the finest back office sports software offers to help you grow your business and leave the competition into the dust.

Why Choose Our Back Office Sports book Solutions?

To deliver top-notch PPH services, we have a team of master in-house odds maker to set the sharpest lines and security in the back office software solutions. We never cut corners and scrape lines just to make quick bucks. We will give you an access to the most amazing features as a Pay per Head customer such as real-time betting and the most diverse and secure credit card options.

The Best Sportsbook Management Software

Our state of the art sportsbook management software not only puts you on par but will also help you surpass leading online sports betting providers. With us, you will gain a complete control over your players, while enjoying the flexibility to go by phone or online. With our sportsbook management software, your clients will surely enjoy 24/day gambling service, of course on a price per head basis. Whether you have a small or large group of players, we offer you the best PPH services for your unique bookmaking needs.

What Can We Do for You?

One of the magic of PPH is that it gives your customers an access to all things that are offered by an offshore sportsbook, at a reasonable price that makes you smile. And we assure you that nobody provides better services than the guys at, because our competitors can’t beat the level of our professionalism, our great products and the spirit of our services. And our best services guarantee you two things- reduced costs and increased revenues.

When you choose us, it takes just a small fee for every player to use the software to place their wagers. Simply put, you only pay based on the number of people you are generating income from. Now, what’s better than that?

Top-notch communication systems

To provide the best services to businesses, we offer you the best communication system in the industry. We have a computer network is monitored round the clock by our expert IT team, where you and your valued clients completely enjoy peace of mind. We take pride of our 1 percent downtime, attributed to regular maintenance. Currently, we are using the most up-to-date version of the best software in the business. Our online software offers a wide range of languages for your player’s diverse needs. Our PPH services enable us to perfectly integrate sports, horses and casino into a format that will lead to an improved user experience.

We also use the latest modern data processing technology such as high-speed fiber optic internet connection, and satellite phones, which are essentially backed up by reliable power generators. This way, your players won’t have to worry about long waits or downtime. With our back end office sports book solutions, you will gain an access to top-notch communication systems that will help you in expanding your business by delivering you accurate stats, data and reports.

On top of that, our platform’s overall functionality and speed will enable you to obtain figures in real-time, plus with the ability and convenience to monitor any wagers. In fact, is the only pioneer in truly offering super back office sports software service provider to offer complete backup system with top of the line Time-Data Replication. This technology guarantees that your business will be up and running within thirty minutes.

Servers and Data Protection & Security

While we take care of your client’s real play and fun, we make sure that security is never compromised. Our services come with a team that is dedicated in delivering a real redundant online and call center access. Our data center is highly equipped with multiple internet service providers and Data Protection Strategies, operating hand in hand to ensure full redundancy. This way, in case one server fails, the other service will take over. We also developed additional feature, Mitigation Solution, to avoid any online denial of service or DOS attacks. Now that’s what we call unmatched protection and security in delivering PPH services.

24/7 Sports Call Center

Old-school players don’t mind about mobile and online access. They want to enjoy peace of mind thinking that a reliable guy is writing down their tickets. To provide reliable sportsbook and back office solutions, we give your guys an access to our 24/7 Sports Call Center. We have a team of highly trained and skilled clears to pick up all actions from your clients, without any additional cost, of course.

Customer Service

Our solutions also come with a recovery plan, including a redundancy with full data replication capability in two external locations, aside from our high-speed fiber optic internet connection, satellite backup and industrial grade generators.

Flat Price

You don’t have to pay an overrated price when using the best solutions. At, we will provide you cutting-edge sportsbook solutions at a flat piece. We offer fast grading, sharp and more lines than other sports book software Head in the industry. Get an access to amazing offer like Game Props, Players props, team and Player totals, etc. – all at flat price!

Lines Mover Application

We also take pride of our carefully-crafted sports bookie software, which will helps you take full control of your own lines. Thanks to our cutting-edge Lines Mover Application. Get it without any additional cost!

Live Betting

Your clients won’t love to wait for the second half lines before they can lay some actions. With our services, action will surely never stop.

Mobile Betting

Give your players the flexibility and convenience of gambling anytime and anywhere. We have a dedicated mobile betting platform which will guarantee you complete access and support from any tablet, smartphone, or mobile computer. This will ensure your clients will readily have an instant access to your service anytime and anywhere.

Sports Games

Sure thing, your clients love unlimited game options, along with the best betting lines. Try us and let your clients indulge in a thrilling betting experience on major sports events, including a vast number of props, lines and live action. We provide thousands of sports games daily for your clients to play on.

Race Tracks

Aside from sports games, also provides a wide range of races and tracks to the clients without any additional cost. Your players can play amazing games like Dubai World Cup, Breeder’s Cup, Triple Crown, Belmont, and more.

Casino Games

We also offer full-service online casino games for your clients to relist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We will give you an access to the most interactive casino games with realistic graphics for real play and entertainment. virtual casino games guarantee every player an enjoyable time packed with excitement and a wide range of games to choose from. With us, your clients will keep coming back for more.

What’s New?

We will be launching our new sports advisor software with a plethora of readily available reports and amazing features. At, we always take care of your best interest, so we never stop in brainstorming, developing and enhancing our services to grow your business in the competitive sports bookie industry.

Our Premium Service web-based platform provides the sports advisor the flexibility and ability to customize the look and feel of their customer’s overall experience, including text information and graphics. Our Premium services will also allow sport advisors to handle subs (if applicable), limits, make-ups, client account information, commissions and percentages, at ease.

So, are you now ready to take your sports bookie business into a higher level? Get our sportsbook software and back office solutions now!